Links ^^

Many of these links are to shows/movies I specifically bookmarked for myself, but if you explore the sites, you will find many more goodies ^^~ I will try and keep these links as up-to-date as possible ^u^

Links to download (english-speaking) shows/movies:

Links to download asian shows, music and movies:
Most reliable:

Secondary Links (aka I found these places but anything can happen)

Links to download music:
Links to download manga, manhwa, manhua, books and magazines (As well as drama recaps and discussions):
Streaming animes, dramas and movies:
Links to fashion blogs: 
Tutorials, Photoshop-related downloads, DIY and Recipes:
Links to other tumblr’s downloads lists (this is a separate category because people change their urls a lot, and I cannot guarantee if they all work all the time, although I shall try and keep everything up-to-date)

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Name: Jenny
Age: 20
Interest: Eating, reading, watching movies
Fandoms: None